my job is to watch people make out!

Here’s how it’ll go down:


1. I’m a sucker for a good love story. 


My work is fully based on your love and it’s unique quirks and qualities. I’ll send a questionnaire your way, my biggest hope being that you will thoughtfully fill it out together so that I can get a sense of who you are and who you hope to become as a married couple. These photos shouldn’t be worthy of Pinterest - they should be worthy of reigniting memories every anniversary and reminding you of your love in its earliest stage throughout your lives together. I want to do my best to make that happen - SO TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELVES AND LET’S MAKE SOME MAGIC. 


2. Pick me! Pick me!


Basically my job is to watch people make out. Buuuut there is more to me than just that (Thank God). I was born and raised in Los Angeles in a Cuban family where we want everyone to feel at home. I’ll probably wear a hat and put it on your head. I’ll probably tell you you’re hot. I’ll probably ask you if you want in-n-out afterwards. I want to become your biggest fan. You’ve invited me into this special time and I am truly honored by that. Because of that, I’ll treat you like you’re family to me.





3. I want to be obsessed with you (and I hope you love me too??)


Let’s be real. Inviting a new person into the most intimate moments of your big day is a BIG DEAL. And it takes a lot of vulnerability and bravery to do that. I want to honor that as much as I can - so I hope to work alongside you both to make that happen in a way that feels good. 


Typically, when I leave a wedding I feel a little sad. I meet your closest friends, your mentors, your family. Then I leave. I deeply love people and connection, so I want you to remember your wedding as much as possible. So here’s how it will work: you’ll leave me with a piece of you and I’ll leave you with memories that last a lifetime (cheesy, but hopefully as true as true can be). 


Okay, are you down or what?

3. My current obsession is cowgirls. It’s a genuine reflection of me in that I love old timey, reckless, gritty romance. I love that it is passionate. I love that it is playful. I love that it all seems do-or-die. Let’s make out on a HORSE.

My art is all about you. But it’s also made by me and therefore touched by me. So here’s some things that make me ME.

2. I love musicals. I’ve seen Wicked 23 times. Let’s sing. Let’s dance. Let’s be like kids again. That’s my thing.

Anyways, giddy up, partners. 

1. I love New York. I love the subway. I love eating hot dogs on the street. I think Times Square is magical. I think that chaos can be endearing and beautiful. 






1. I love love

2. I want you to love me

3. I love you

4. Book me